Welcome to Red Dirt Longhorns

We are a small family operation located in Altus, Oklahoma that has a passion for bettering the longhorn breed by breeding for the total package: horn, color, body shape and size, and let’s not forget disposition.

Our longhorn operation started in 2016 as pure pasture art and wanting something to mow our property that wasn’t your typical beef cow. We purchased a couple of longhorn steers and a heifer, we fell in love. We thought we were simply buying pasture art that doubled as mowers but we were getting so much more! We made the decision to not just become longhorn enjoyers but breeders as well and have carefully selected our herd so we truly are breeding for the total package.

We strive for tip to tip, unique horn shape and seek consistency in our calves. We love to have a variety of color in our herd to make the Easter egg hunt of calving season all the more exciting and the beauty of the variation cannot be beat. We breed big-bodied cattle that carry and keep their weight well and have no problems calving or producing milk to feed their calves once born.

We absolutely love the disposition of longhorn and noticed that while we were hand feeding and scratching our herd, our neighbors were throwing feed from the back of a truck with little to no hands-on interaction; we soon realized we were on to something very special. We start early with handling our calves so they are easy to work and gain the easy and personable disposition the breed is known for. Our daughter loves to gain the calves' trust and spends her daily breaks from school out teaching them all the benefits of being touched and handled.

Our ultimate goal as longhorn breeders is to provide others with quality animals that not only add beauty to their pastures, but are excellent breeding stock for years to come or pasture art steers that go from a simple farm animal to a friend. We care about where our animals go and are happy to help new breeders learn about this wonderful breed and enjoy them in their pastures for the years to come.

You are invited to come visit our herd and see the true benefits Texas Longhorn have to offer. To schedule a visit or to learn more please contact Krennen or Jennifer Stanley.

God Bless,
Krennen and Jennifer Stanley